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Fat Fuckery in its Verbal Form

There was a big, fat girl in my college geology class this last semester, consistently wearing skirts that were way too short and proclaiming on social media that “She was just as hot as skinny girls”.

You aren’t fooling anyone, tubby. If you were “just as hot”, you wouldn’t have to try your damned best to validate such a horse shit thought.


Rude and Hateful Fat People, How I Loathe You

No love can be lost with you, but much loathsome feelings can be acquired.

angry fat ass

This kind of garbage is what turned me into a fat person hater (that phrase is putting it lightly, with yours truly being diplomatic). Being a polite, sensible and civil human being does not help you reach their fat-clogged brains, and you are insulted for your education! One might as well be honest and tell them what you REALLY think, even if it’s downright rude and hateful.