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The Reason You Can’t “Educate” Fat People

… Is because they don’t want to be “educated”. If they did, they’d use the internet for something useful, like research from guys like Alan Aragon, Lyle McDonald or Martin Berkhan, masterminds in the nutritional science game.

But they don’t.

They don’t want to.

Fat people are lazy, and instead of working to reach a healthy weight they cry on the internet about fat acceptance and the misnomer that is “thin privilege”.


Fat People’s Obsession With Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe
Can we please stop the Marilyn Monroe nonsense once and for all? You know what I’m talking about: the content fatties spew in regards to convoluting Marilyn Monroe’s figure, how much she weighed and her body type. Did you know that Marilyn was only 117 lbs. when she died at age 36?

It’s mindnumbingly annoying to me how often people misattribute quotes to MM. Back when I was 16 in 2007, I went through a phase for two months reading up on starlets/actresses of the 1940s and 1950s and went through a lot of Marilyn Monroe (and others) reads, solid reads! And having done all of that, to this day when I see some dumbass (usually a hambeast) misattribute some quote to MM that was never emitted in the first place, I can’t help but flip shit.

marilyn monroe1

She never said that, “if you can’t handle me at my worst…” bullshit! Goddamn it! That’s the misattributed quote of all-time!

Being fit and looking sexy was extremely important to Marilyn Monroe, people. She didn’t sit on her ass, shovel food into her mouth, blame genetics and whine about it at the end of the day.

marilyn monroe2

It’s NOT OK to be Fat

It is NOT ok to be fat.
It is NOT ok to inflict diabetes on yourself.
It is NOT ok to induce heart failure.

It’s selfish.

This is an idiotic and unhealthy mentality to have. Holy shit. I can't believe people are this ignorant and that dumbasses 'eat' (pun not exactly intended) this shit up.

This is an idiotic and unhealthy mentality to have. Holy shit. I can’t believe people are this ignorant and that dumbasses ‘eat’ (pun not exactly intended) this shit up.

There’s a guy that’s an avid poster in the nutrition subforum on bodybuilding.com who’s in his late 60s/early 70s that works out. His username is ironwill (followed by some numbers). He doesn’t believe in the statement, “it is OK to be fat” (because he knows that’s a falsification). He’s in fantastic shape. Compare that to fat asses who, as they get older, succumb to the travesty of a mentality that is, “Well, I’ve gotten older and weaker, so I might as well give up on any physical fitness”.

Being and living healthy is a lifestyle, from eating whole foods to being active. Settling for being fat because you are too goddamn lazy to get off your ass or too dietarily immature to eat some vegetables is senseless. And not healthy. Yes, I can take one good look at you and decipher whether or not you are healthy or not, or lazy or not. I judge. You judge, too. Everybody judges.

Yes, your unhealthy life is my business, especially if I have to waste money on taxes that account for health care that is intended to rectify the problems that you’ve inflicted on yourself. Fuck you.

Rude and Hateful Fat People, How I Loathe You

No love can be lost with you, but much loathsome feelings can be acquired.

angry fat ass

This kind of garbage is what turned me into a fat person hater (that phrase is putting it lightly, with yours truly being diplomatic). Being a polite, sensible and civil human being does not help you reach their fat-clogged brains, and you are insulted for your education! One might as well be honest and tell them what you REALLY think, even if it’s downright rude and hateful.

The “Fat Acceptance” Movement is Senseless

There’s no reason to write a oversized (heh… oversized) essay about this.

I thought the “fat acceptance” internet movement was a parody at first, so I didn’t think much of it, but over time it kept popping back up and I realized that it’s actually a thing and some people support it. Who are these supporters? Lazy, unmotivated, unwilling, ungrateful, entitled fat asses. Instead of positively working to change something that is absolutely rectifiable, they have chosen to remain stagnant and unadaptable.

Enjoy your early death being that way.

Your obesity affects everybody around you, from your stench to your breath to your eventual health care costs that will hit everyone, and it will affect your ‘friends’, your family and — god forbid — your children.

Eating healthy is wonderful, feeling great is wonderful, and being able to walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing should be a regular dealio and not some kind of horseshit milestone.