Is the Writer of This Blog a Basement Dweller?


The writer of this blog is a 23-year-old man that’s a college student (after a 5-year hiatus from schooling; if you’d like to know the full story, just ask — no biggie). And that writer is me, the shitlord writing this page.

I’m a nutritional science nerd, a history buff and a fragrance connoisseur. I like caffeine, video games, extremely long walks (clears my head, and I find it therapeutic), listening to The Doors’ Morrison Hotel and LA Woman albums (honorable mention: Pink Floyd’s “Money”) while driving on highways, and I procrastinate on things when I shouldn’t.

It doesn’t take much effort to keep this blog up. I can write a post from a few minutes to fifteen minutes if I’m on a roll. I’m disgusted by the fat “acceptance” movement and this is my place to write against it. Being unhealthy and fat is a choice. Deciding to live a healthy life is a choice. Join me, shitlords, and say hello. Hambeasts, go fuck yourselves.


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