Fat People Hate on Reddit

I’ve got so much love for my fellow shitlords on Reddit’s /r/fatpeoplehate.

My fellow shitlords opened my eyes on the amount of asinine bullshit in the realm of fat ass acceptance sites on the internet, and I owe them for the motivation to concoct this blog and would love for my fellow shitlords to step up to the plate and comment/contribute regularly here, if they’d like.

Much love, shitlords! Much love!


2 thoughts on “Fat People Hate on Reddit

  1. Andrew

    Well, you are exactly what you claim to be at least. A piece of shit. I work in health and nutrition and work with people who are overweight everyday. Your claim to want overweight people to become ‘thin’ and ‘healthy’ is a joke. This is a place for someone who is obviously filled with a lot of hate and bile and, instead of working on yourself, you project it onto others. If you actually cared about helping other people become healthy or to stop the acceptance of obesity, you would use your ‘claimed’ nutrition passion to show people where they are failing. Instead, you use derogatory and dehumanizing language to further degrade human beings because it makes you feel better about your phobias. Just as encouraging people to stay overweight is toxic, the childish and despicable words you use to describe human beings who you deem ‘despicable’ is toxic. You are not revolutionary. There are plenty of sites like yours who get their twisted amusement from making fun of other people. You have not created a place for discussion, but a place for tearing down people who are already dealing with a disease. I sincerely hope you will look at the way you contribute to society and see that you are a very small contributor to a very large problem of hate and bullying for the sake of amusement. I also wonder if you would show your parents or grandparents your blog. If they would be proud of you or disgusted. If you were truly proud of your opinion and felt it was ‘right,’ you would share your identity like most bloggers. Since you have not, we can only assume that you are too cowardly to open yourself up to the same criticism you so candidly dish out. You believe the ‘fat acceptance’ movement is dangerous and harming- so are your words and the words of people like you. People who have clearly never been on the receiving end of bullying and degradation. The fact that you then place pictures of random women on your site to be judged by whether they are ‘fat’ or ‘fuckable’ is even more disgusting in my opinion. You must not have a mother, grandmother, sister, female cousin or any female friends. I would be hard pressed to think they would approve of the way you view women as either worthy of sex or disposable. The woman you have posted on your front page is relatively healthy, but I can guarantee she wouldn’t say the same thing about you. You are sick. You have a disease that needs to be cured, and I hope you find the love necessary to cure you.


    1. Zincman Post author

      Look, everyone! I found the fatty! Or the self-loathing fatty found his calling! 😉 It’s a shame it doesn’t know how to properly space paragraphs, however. 😦 Too lazy to use those fudge fingers on the shift and enter key together!



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