About FPaD

I’m a 23-year-old man that thinks fat people should go fuck their egregious health standards.

I never thought one way or the other about obese folks until recently. Back in 2011, I discovered website Tumblr and enjoyed it for the art and other neat things on the site, but over the last few years radical feminists with hairy, unsightly armpits began popping up and the “fat acceptance” movement began taking storm.

Fat shaming has been around forever, but “fat acceptance” is something that’s new. And as much as I disagreed with this horseshit “fat acceptance” movement, I bit my tongue and carried on with my life… until I encountered fat asses mentioning the phrase, “thin privilege!” and then my disdain became palpable as I could practically feel my blood pressure rise over this kind of obtuse ignorance.

Being fat is not healthy. No matter what fat acceptance advocates do or say (unless the ‘doing’ involves regularly eating a healthy diet and exercising!), nothing will change that veritable fact. Ask all the top doctors, nutritional scientists, physicians, dieticians, etc. in the world and they’ll all echo that fact.


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